Deep Tissue Massage
(60 min -$70, monthly clients-$56/ 90 min-$100, monthly clients $80)
Deep tissue modalities including trigger point therapy, muscle fiber frictioning, and neuromuscular techniques are used to address your problem areas. A good choice for those who prefer deeper pressure in their massage.

Thai Massage Combo
The best of Eastern and Western styles. Spend the first 15 minutes clothed as you are guided into deep assisted Thai-style stretches. This goes a long way towards releasing tension from the muscles and makes your traditional massage portion that much more effective. After the 15 minutes of stretching, get undressed for a traditional 45 minute massage of your choice (swedish or deep tissue)

Hot Stone Massage
(60 min -$70, monthly clients-$56/ 90 min-$100, monthly clients $80)
The perfect solution for your sore muscles. Hot stones help increase circulation and warm up muscles in need of attention. This massage is customized to your unique needs.

(60 min-$70, monthly clients-$56 / 90 min-$100, monthly clients $80) 
The best of Swedish massage. Long kneading strokes help relax you from head to toe. Great for those who prefer light to moderate pressure.

(60 min-$70, monthly clients-$56 / 90 min-$100, monthly clients $80)
A massage to stimulate your senses. Your choice of essential oil blends from our selection of premium quality oils. Massage is customized to your needs.

(60 min-$70, monthly clients-$56 / 90 min-$100, monthly clients $80)                          
Especially for mom’s-to-be from conception right through to delivery. This massage is tailored to the stage of pregnancy (either side-lying or with pillows). Either way, you are sure to be relaxed and comfortable. Great for all those lower back aches! 

Athlete’s Choice 
(30 min-$40) Just had a grueling training session? Or, maybe you’re starting a new workout routine? Come on in for this massage that focuses on the areas that need it most. Leave feeling like you could sprint that last mile.

Sunday Special
(50 min- $50)
Every Sunday, a 50 minute massage is only $50. It’s that simple! We’re open 9-6 on Sundays for your convenience.

Couples MASSAGE  -Side by Side Couples Massage is offered with several options to choose from. Please call 978-884-8957 to book any couples massage packages as our online booking system is unable to block for two therapists.

(60 min Couples Massage- $150 total)
(60 min Couples Sampler-(Click for Sampler options)- $170 total)
(90 min Couples Massage- $210 total)
(90 min Design your Own Couples Massage- (Click for Design your Own options)- $$230)

For in-home couples massage, spa parties, wedding parties or corporate events please visit our affiliate SpaVroom Mobile Spa.

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